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2016-03-31 21:51:18 by Polaroid7

I finally uploaded a new song

An 8-bit remix of It's Raining Somewhere Else

Enjoy :^)


2016-03-29 01:10:28 by Polaroid7

Maybe I should do something?

Here we are...

2015-12-29 02:17:49 by Polaroid7

New song uploaded, and it's a remix of Tem Shop. To be honest, I made this today xP

Happy holidays.


2015-12-15 07:00:09 by Polaroid7

New song coming, and it's a remix! But what could it be a remix of?

Well crap.

2015-09-27 17:14:38 by Polaroid7

Banned from posting music for 90 days. :P

So what happened to the songs that I made myself? They were removed for some reason...dunno.

So get this: I'm gonna make some music! I have a Soundcloud so I will be uploading music there. Too lazy to put up a link tho. K den, until next year!


I'm alive

2015-08-04 00:03:29 by Polaroid7

I thought I could have the time to make a song, but I don't. My life has been jumbled and packed so much so that I can't relax for just one day. Yeah, I might be uploading videos on my YouTube channel, but I haven't given up on music making. So here's my offer.

Keep calm, and touch them all.

You know what beats four aces? A gun.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2015-06-09 17:12:57 by Polaroid7

I'm back! Sorry it took so long :P

Now, I might know what you're thinking: "Where's the FOIGHTIN?" Wait...

Now, I might know what you're thinking: "Polaroid! Where's ur new song?"

Sadly, it is not done. In fact, I haven't even started on it :(

So, to ease your concerns and the hate of me starting new paragraphs every sentence, here is a poem.


I will ask one more time: Please hang in there!

Maybe this will calm you down:

I'm almost done!

2015-05-03 15:54:33 by Polaroid7

Almost done with finals! I'll be making music soon.


Hang in there!

I'm going to be gone for a little bit...

2015-04-14 21:09:15 by Polaroid7

School and stuff. Finals and whatnot.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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creating dump file...

dump file created.

The album is finished! Don't underestimate the number of songs; the time it takes to listen to all of the songs is over an hour long. The link to the download is right here:

Hope you enjoy it (if you don't, I don't care), and have a nice day!