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The Impossible Game The Impossible Game

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This isn't a prototype, so let's give a solid review here, mmkay? No holding back!

First, the name of the game. Seriously? Can you be more unoriginal than "The Impossible Game"? At least put something like "The Impossible Game Remix" and not make it look like a ripoff.
Second, the thumbnail gives away the poor quality of the game. At least it's not a false advertisement.
Third, the design is really bland. A white background with gray squares and triangles (yes, triangles, not spikes because that would offend the spikes), a moving red square, and a solid line below the red square. At least have some effects like a faded background...the fucking red square is smaller than the rest of the squares...
Fourth, no instructions on how to play. Just like any kid back in the 1980s when they were trying to play a NES game, I mashed all the buttons on the keyboard and then realized that the up key made you jump. At least it's not some random button like the scroll lock key.
Fifth, whenever you jump, it's like jumping on the fucking moon. Seriously? The blocks make it look like you have a smaller jump, but no. This moon jump seriously fucks up the whole gameplay.
Sixth, this shit is balls to the wall hard, but not because it's similar to The Impossible Game. It's because the fucking moon jump ruins everything. I can't even beat this >:(
Seventh, if you're gonna have a song loop, have the song be an actual loop, not a song, because it becomes annoying after 2 replays.

Horrible game

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